Lace Calendar 2022
Commercial Use Printable

Including 2023 as soon as the ink dries 😉

Full-Colour 12-Month Calendar,
Month/Year at a Glance

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PLR 12-month calendar!

This calendar is inspired by the history of lace-making in the British East Midlands’ town of Nottingham.

Your customers will love this full-colour, printable calendar which features a beautiful background as well as pretty lace images.

This calendar is fully customizable and comes with all of the images so you can change them around for a unique look. You can keep the full-colour background or swap some/all pages with a simpler or blank background.

Where do we send it?

What’s Inside?

  • A set of purple 12-month calendars.
  • A set of both simple and blank background calendars.
  • The calendar includes a snapshot of the year, a page of monthly blocks and 12 individual monthly sheets with daily boxes and notes section.
  • The collection of PNG and JPG images include larger files so you can create your own versions of these pretty printables or move them around as you like.
  • Or, if you want to sell as-is, a PDF file is included to provide to your customers straight away.

Background Version

Background Version

Files included in your free pLR download:

  • 3 PowerPoint Files
  • Letter paper size 8.5 x 11in
  • 3 PDF files so you can see the finished version.
  • 11 full size PNG images; 1 JPEG purple background image
  • 51 pages in total
  • PLR License and Fonts Guide

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